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Beatles singles dating

The offending quote was first published in a Maureen Cleave series for the Evening Standard on 4 March 1966.Apparently it went unnoticed in the USA until it was picked up by Datebook (a teenage pop magazine) for their issue published on 29 July, presumably to cash in on The Beatles’ American tour in August.Few Beatles singles were album tracks and you can’t easily tell if they were also on EPs or LPs.All the tracks are now available on various CDs, but not in the order they were originally made and issued.There are additional footnotes about certain tracks and events.Various band members came and went before the final John, Paul, George and Ringo line-up.

If so, it worked and The Beatles never played there again.

This table shows the albums and singles in chronological order, with recording and UK release dates (EPs that duplicated other releases are omitted).

It also shows which singles were on albums and some key events for context.

The Beatles’ first recording contract was backing Tony Sheridan as The Beat Brothers.

Sheridan was signed separately to Bert Kaempfert’s production company in Germany.

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These Beatles records and films were produced in less than 8 years, alongside: It’s an impressive legacy, and that’s only the highlights.