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From Boston Lodge, the slate wagons were hauled to and from Porthmadog harbour by horses.

Up trains took nearly six hours from Boston Lodge to the Quarry Terminus and each train ran in up to four sections, each hauled by a horse and comprising eight empty slate wagons plus a horse dandy.

Hafod y Llyn was replaced by Tan y Bwlch around 1872.

Dinas (Rhiw) Station and much of that branch is now all but buried under slate waste; the rest of the Dinas branch line was removed about 1954-55.

The fastest journey time from Quarry Terminus to Boston Lodge was 1 hour 32 minutes, including three stops.

Occasional confusion arises because places named Hafod y Llyn Isaf and Dinas also exist on the Welsh Highland Railway, albeit 10 miles (16 km) or more to the northwest of those on the FR. Board of Trade returns for 1884 show a police inspector was based at the company's head office.

In more recent times the British Transport Police made friendly overtures and were politely informed that the FR had powers to swear its own constables.

To achieve this continuous grade (about 1 in 80 for much of the way), the line followed natural contours and employed cuttings and embankments built of stone and slate blocks without mortar.

Prior to the completion in 1842 of a long tunnel through a spur in the Moelwyn Mountain, the slate trains were worked over the top via inclines (designed by Robert Stephenson), the site of which can still be seen but there are few visible remnants.

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Up to six trains daily were operated in each direction and a printed timetable was published on 16 September 1856 by Charles Easton Spooner who, following his father, served as Manager and Clerk for 30 years.

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