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The popularity of the Avira free antivirus started going downhill ever since they partnered with whose toolbar is often being criticized as spyware/adware.

Other than that, Avira also encouraged the installation of Ask Toolbar bundled in the setup by enabling the Web Protection module only if it detects that the toolbar is installed.

Type “ping personal.avira-update.com” and press enter. Take note of the IP address because that is the CDN server which the Avira Antivirus installed on your system connects to in order to obtain updates.3.

Now visit to ping personal.from multiple locations worldwide to reveal the different Avira update servers.4.

As for the Pro version of Avira Antivirus, the hostname will be premium.

Make sure to choose an IP that is in the same continent as you are in for best performance.5.

Before you can start making changes in your HOSTS file, Avira by default protects the system’s HOSTS file against modification.

You can disable the HOSTS file protection in Avira by running it, press F8, go to General Security, uncheck “Protect Windows hosts files from changes” and click OK.6.

Previously Avira had two versions of the antivirus which were the Personal (free) and Premium (paid) but now they’ve replaced the Premium with Pro.

One of the restrictions that the personal version had was it cannot download the latest program updates and virus definitions from Avira’s fast premium servers which are only available to their paid premium subscribers.

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Here is what you can do to forcefully connect to a different Avira update server when you have trouble updating Avira.1.

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