Ashley greene jackson rathbone dating interview gay dating when to say i love you

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Ashley greene jackson rathbone dating interview

But whatever the reason is I’m starting the Jashley movement here at LTT. And by Then I told her I also have pictures of Jackson near a plane with some flight attendants and obviously it’s from when Jackson secretly came to LA for 3 hours to visit Ashley last weekend.I know it’s no uncommon desire that folks want to see them together but I’m gonna take it to the next level. I sent it to all major news outlets and no one cared. telling him I had the scoop on Jashley and he should forget that whole Robsten thing.My friend Jen e-mailed me a little story about the guy who sits next to her at work.He heard on the radio that Rob’s abs were airbrushed on in the New Moon Volterra scene and was appalled.

In fact nothing’s different beside the fact that the dialogue is in French.

Then this conversation happened between Jen, a girlfriend & her guyfriend: Girlfriend: (saying to Jen) Hey Arizona, how you likin’ the rain?

(UC Note: I can’t even count the number of ‘arizona how you likin’ the rain’ and ‘forks-like weather’ references I’ve heard recently in Pennsylvania.

Close your eyes, dream a little dream, click your heels together and say “there’s no place like Forks” and wait for the magic of the venom to turn you into an immortal.

Then you and Edward can be together forever, cause we know that’s what you dream about.

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My only question is: what about the Bob Mackie designed raincoats and the Quielute addition to the “Barbies Around the World” collection? It was supposed to plump up your lips to give it that “bee stung” look. Themoonisdown Don’t forget to vote in the Wanna Tappa Vampa (our fake sorority) and the Twi Sisterhood’s PORN OFF! Posted in: Merchandise, New Moon movie Tags: , action figure, Barbie, Bella, Bob Mackie, business, calender, camo, Charlie Swan, country, desk, dolls, Economy, Edward, exclusive, forks, gothic, Hot Topic, hunting, Jacob Black, Ken, lip venom, magazine, Malibu, mario brothers, Mattel, Merchandise, mustache, new, New Moon, red neck weddings, seventeen magazine, tattoo, tshirt, tutu, Twilight, twilight calendar, Vampire, venom Welcome to our world!