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You don’t want to turn your credit card number over to some fly by night outfit and you certainly don’t want to find out that the emails you thought you were receiving from Natasha… These fears of being ripped off are preyed upon by mainstream media which hypes and over sensationalizes stories of ill-fated foreign love affairs with the purpose of selling more newspapers and T. The vast majority of the foreign women who are looking to date and marry men from other countries are honest ladies with sincere intentions.They are looking for love, friendship and affection just like you guys are.Fortunately, there is a pretty simple solution to this problem… Never send any money until you have actually visited the women in her own country and you are completely satisfied that she is one hundred percent genuine in her intentions.Even when visiting her in her country do not go tossing money around on things like lavish shopping sprees. I am a “home” person and most of my free time I spend at home.

They will pretend to need these for a variety of reasons. They may claim to be in the depths of a financial crisis or in need of a new computer to continue chatting with you.

more about Vikochka from Nikolaev I am kind, sincere and easy-going person.

At the same time I am responsible and reliable and I always happy to help my friends and close people. more about Tatyana from Kharkov The people that know me…really know me. more about Daria from Nikolaev I am romantic in my soul, though everybody considers me to be realistic.

Yes, you could get scammed, but if you use a little common sense and follow the tips laid out below the chances are pretty slim.

Before we get into how to protect yourself, let's first take a look at how these con artists operate...

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The insidious thing about all of these scams is that they sound so plausible when delivered by an expert con artist.

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