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Leanne Nasser (top right) was on holiday with three female friends when she was killed.

A grainy CCTV image (inset), released by Turkish police, shows the suspected gunman who fled the club after the massacre and remains on the run.

And despite a troubled interview earlier with host Ryan Seacrest, in which Mariah said she couldn't hear what the host was saying, she pressed on with her performance commitment anyway - with disastrous results.

He was with (from left) socialite Jemima Goldsmith, 42, stylist Martha Ward, 40, artist Suzy Murphy, 52, and their pal Caro Hick, 42.

Posing for a photo, Goldsmith and Ward placed their hands possessively on Clarkson's chest, while Hick draped a bare leg over his knee.

He also revealed that he slept in his car the night before the singer was found dead at his home.

Photos from inside Istanbul's packed Reina club (left) show partygoers celebrating the new year moments before a gunman stormed the venue.

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Stories of the city were projected onto buildings for the Made In Hull event.