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Throughout the 333 years of Spanish occupation, there were grammar and dictionaries written by Spanish clergymen such as Vocabulario de la Lengua Tagala by Pedro de San Buenaventura (Pila, Laguna, 1613), Vocabulario de la lengua tagala (1835) and Arte de la lengua tagala y manual tagalog para la administración de los Santos Sacramentos (1850).

Poet Francisco Baltazar (1788–1862) is regarded as the foremost Tagalog writer.

In fact, the Roman Missal in Tagalog was published as early as 1982, while not published in English until 1985.

Tagalog is a Central Philippine language within the Austronesian language family.New releases are now regularly released simultaneously in a number of languages, including Tagalog.The official website of Jehovah's Witnesses also has some publications available online in Tagalog.Languages that have made significant contributions to Tagalog vocabulary are especially Tamil, Sanskrit, English and Spanish.At present, no comprehensive dialectology has been done in the Tagalog-speaking regions, though there have been descriptions in the form of dictionaries and grammars on various Tagalog dialects.

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In 2009, the Department of Education promulgated an order institutionalizing a system of mother-tongue based multilingual education ("MLE"), wherein instruction is conducted primarily in a student's mother tongue until at least grade three, with additional languages such as Filipino and English being introduced as separate subjects no earlier than grade two.

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