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NOTE: the last photo you'll see are the other pieces available separately from this same estate. The details of this piece dates to the 1912 era, but the skirt is fuller than you'd expect and the sleeves wider than you'd expect. with the fur hemline, and the velvet and the shape.... I could be wrong, but I hope I'm right, because that makes it quite special. Just don't stress antique fabrics, so wear your spanx bodysuit. I still want to sell items that are in good enough condition that it will survive many more years with care. I have had this gown in my own collection since 1996! Sheer chiffon at yoke and sleeves are covered with beading. This one is a riding habit with the skirt that can be worn down as a skirt, or hiked up (as you see) with the silvertone skirt lifter (that came with it). There is one button missing as well (so I would move the top button down and wear a large pin (cameo) at the top buttonhole.... There is a handwritten tag inside that reads "Lepper Gardner".Love the long panels that are part of the bodice that overlay the skirt at sides and back. It's an ivory silk dress covered with black netting which is embroidered with Excellent condition with only issue being the netting on the sleeve draping (and perhaps a bit on the side draping) that you might trim for a crisp edge, and the black sequins at the back waist have browned threads so they will eventually need to be re-sewn, but still fine as is. Sadly there is some tearing of the chiffon on the top layer of the 3 layered chiffon/net sleeves (see photos)., and as always, there is tearing in the lining. If you google that, there was a well-known artist and mapmaker in Maine with that name, so perhaps it came from her estate? The BOOTS will be sold SEPARATELY as they are quite special, would have been quite expensive when new and are certainly collectable. I've been holding off listing this gown because the person who owned it said they believed it to be a Paul Poiret. This one is a wearable size with terrific embroidery white on white. In so cleaning, they removed ALL the hooks/eyes so you will need to put them all back. This one is a basic silk jacket of the Gibson Girl era with that fabulous wide large collar front and back.In researching, it seemed more likely to be a Vionnet from the bias seaming, the color and the shape with the fantastic long side "tails". Sexy as hell with a small bust required due to the wide open underarms and low "v" back. There is a barely seen discoloration at the upper right bodice, and a yellow spot at the hemline at the side. The only real issues you will have to deal with are small holes (one slightly larger) in the back of the skirt (see photos) and small hole in one sleeve. Needs someone who can deal with the large spot on the bottom of the front (see close-up) and the strange spot on the one sleeve.Measures: up to 32" bust, up to 27" empire waist, up to 34" hips, 49" long at the longest. Dress measures: 38" bust, up to 29" waist, up to 40" hips, 48" long from shoulder to hem. This 2-piece (or 3-piece if you include the original black trained half slip that comes with it. Also you'll see that one of the loopy black velvet ornaments is missing (you can see where it went, just to the left of the other one - so probably easy enough to make a new one).

The lining is original and has a few minor spots here and there... The label is off on one side, so will need a stitch or two. Either that, or I keep buying back the same one piece over and over again! this one is missing the usual green enamel drops at the bottom of the deco design earpieces but still has the faux peals draped from the movable bar. The three headpieces fold into each other for easy packing. See the close-ups of the beading at the neckline in front and around to the back. This wonderful 2-piece afternoon gown is in remarkably fabulous condition!!! But DAMN the two painted buttons are fabulous and the large covered buttons in the original faille and the silk trim are great (two of those on each cuff). hard to measure but I got about 46" around, 34" long from shoulder to hem in front, 46" long in back. I used to buy lovely bodices like this and hung them on a padded hanger and then used a simple push pin and hung them all over my walls in my bedroom!!! The dress follows the japonisme or orientalist fashion very much in vogue. One freckle spot at left hip (see photo), the tiniest ribbon fray at left neckline, a few hooks/eyes that will need replacing/sewing and really the only issue is water spotting on the back satin train (see photos). Measures: up to 34" bust, up to 25" waist (measures 26"), 57" long from shoulder to hem. even though there are two layers of the crepe to the skirt, it's still slightly sheer so you'll want to wear a slip under. Now I don't recommend you wear this more than just to get your photograph taken, or better yet, get your portrait painted. frankly I didn't see them until I gave it a second look.As with any Victorian era gown, you'll want narrow back/shoulders and thinnish arms. Sadly I couldn't seem to get great photos of this piece... RARE gold netting is the base with pastel pink and light blue flower embroidery, with additional gold lace and ecru embroidery lace. I know that Victorian mantles often found in black. And then sometimes you will be lucky to find a light tan or gray beaded mantle!Even the high neck on this piece is a good size of 14.5"! I think my favorite detail are the little bows on the sleeves at the elbows (see close-up photos). The little rope ties around the waist to keep it neat. This one is lovely enough to make one wonder if it originally had a Parisian label. Mostly the interior quilted lining is torn (see photos) and could certainly be stabilized or replaced. except for the fact that as you move it, beads will fall off.But then I found a photo of a 1929 Jean Patou gown and I wonder if perhaps the owner mixed up Poiret with Patou. Comes with the original long two-tone silk sash of different hue purple and lime green. I might (if I could sew) shorten the sleeves to a pretty mid length (see my sample photo). if you have talent to sew, you can fix this up and then it's a wearable size at: 34/35" bust, 24/25" waist, 56" long from shoulder to hem. I hate to sell items that aren't in near pristine condition, but every so often one has to allow these pieces to go to those who will love them... Every time I look at this piece I think of the Wizard of Oz. I would suggest you be smaller than these measurements as it's a small back, so.... AND it came from one of the premier department stores of the era!Has the same low back, bias seaming, sash belt, and high/low hemline. However, even though this gown's interior seams edges are hand sewn, and it has the Made in France label... I'm not sure how it was originally worn, but here's an option. This bodice would work with just about any ecru lace skirt you might already have in your collection, OR just love it as the bodice it is. chiffon sleeves, lace "lappets" at side yoke, pleated chiffon, pretty bow at back, high lace neck. Oh, you will also want to replace the dead elastic in the wrists. ;) The interior is actually in great condition, so there's that..... In the 1970's, high neck white lawn Edwardian dresses cost thousands of dollars as they were all the rage! Rare to find any of these lawn dresses with the original store labels.

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