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Accomodating special

New Year's Resolutions Start 2017 off with a new list of goals!

Our New Year's Resolutions worksheets for grades K-2, grades 3-6, and grades 7-12 will encourage students to set achievable goals for themselves at school, home, and in their community.

Appropriately modify your instruction to address diverse needs with our articles on bilingual special education, Autism, and ADD/ADHD.

You'll also find great resources for implementing IEPs and creating an inclusive classroom.

We got a room with a verandah, which costs more but makes the room feel more spacious (rest assured, the verandahs have plexiglass as do all railings, so no worries about kid overboard).

There's a small fridge in the room, where we kept Max's anti-seizures meds, along with the chocolate milk cartons he hoarded from the breakfast buffet (shhh, don't tell).

Based on our experience, we have implemented a number of important accommodations in our mediation practice for parents/spouses with special needs: Our office building is wheelchair-accessible from both the street and from the free underground parking garage.

If wheelchair accessibility is an issue for you, please let us know that when you schedule your initial appointment, and we will explain to you how to reach the wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and how to comfortably reach our suite.

Yes, we all seriously enjoyed our cruise on the Disney Fantasy, but Max was in his own heaven; he's been talking about the trip literally every single day for the half year leading up to it.D., have presented workshops at major professional conferences around the US and Canada to train mediators to help special-needs families succeed in divorce mediation.Donna earned a Bachelor of Science degree in special education from the University of Michigan, and has extensive experience working with special-needs more Students with special needs can successfully become part of the regular classroom setting when existing materials are simplified or supplemented for more Students with special needs can successfully become part of the regular classroom setting when exist...

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