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Skids reminded his brother that they were in a combat situation and wondered what was wrong with him.

Upon arrival at Diego Garcia and NEST headquarters, the twins received new, separate alternate modes.

However, their slow and ungainly choice of vehicle could not keep up with the fugitive, and they rounded a corner too sharply, tearing their combined form in half.

Even though Mudflap took the blame for the separation, Skids still berated (and smacked) his brother for his failure.

Making their way back to the Pyramids where NEST waited with Optimus Prime's body, the group came under attack by Starscream.

Mudflap, Skids, Leo and Simmons acted as a decoy to lure the Decepticons away from Sam and Mikaela.

The decision was made for them when the Decepticons attacked.

Skids angrily blew away some of the jet-drones when they shot his brother, using an impressive missile barrage, and used transform-and-shoot moves to keep their pursuers away..he realised this was delaying the inevitable.

When the Matrix could not be found at the ruins of Petra, the twins began arguing with each other over why they were following Sam, which soon escalated into physical violence.

And that means one day, one glorious day, Optimus Prime will notice him!

Prime even looking in his direction makes him babble, fall over, and generally fail to make an impression, but that won't stop him trying!

The dopey-looking Skids spends a lot of his time arguing with his twin brother Mudflap and trying to outdo him in crazy stunts, all while believing he's the responsible, level headed one.

In his own mind, everything dangerous and dopey he does is simply making him a better warrior.

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Underneath it all, he harbors a secret fear that Mudflap is actually the superior warrior of the pair... Skids' hyper-reactive optical imaging scanner allows him to process tactical information faster than anyone (except his twin).