Sexy hot marathi massage chatting how to spot a scammer dating

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Sexy hot marathi massage chatting

My face was only a few inches from moms pussy and I could smell her. I pulled my fingers out and started licking my passed out mom. I decided I wanted to feel her pussy while i came so I started rubbing the head of my dick up and down her slit and that's all I initially planned on doing but she shifted positions which caused me to slide into her warm cunt.I held still for a minute to make sure she was still out and then slowly started moving my cock.She started coming home really drunk a bit more often and everytime she would pass out I would feel her , fuck her or cum on her.Then one night she came home quite drunk, took her shower, had a couple more drinks and started crying.She pulled off her robe and climbed in (I think she was so drunk that she forgot she was nude or forgot it was her son she was getting into bed with. I snuggled up with her in a spooning position, wrapped my arm around her and attempted to fall asleep.

she slid down in the chair slightly as she passed out which pulled her the front of her robe open. I stared at her tits (great nipples) and her trimmed bush for a few minutes in awe.Over the next few years she started drinking a bit here & there after work and come home slightly to very drunk a couple times a week She'd come home and jump in the shower (few times she was drunk enough that she would forget to shut the bathroom door.Little did she know I was standing in the doorway watching her and jacking off).I was so hard as this was the first time I had ever got to look at a woman close up.I shook my mom a few times to make sure she was out and dropped my pants.

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I shot stream after stream into her mouth and on her face.

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