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Sex chats online texting

I’m a big fan of quizzes, usually of the pub variety.Partly because of the company, partly because of the consumption of alcohol, partly because it’s sometimes nice to show off my knowledge of certain subjects.The winner is the last person to successfully add to the list.The very reason we need mobile phones is because we’re not always at home.One person names three people, be they celebrities or individuals you both know, and asks the question, “” The other then has to determine which of the three they would kiss, which they would marry, and which they would kill. Variations include dropping certain names into the mix you know will upset your friend. There are no right or wrong answers, but it’s not only fun to see the responses given, it can also give you an insight into your friend or family member’s outlook on life.Variations include leaving the question open-ended with any answer possible, or giving multiple choice answers and forcing the other person to choose from one of those.Slowly but surely the two of you build a story over the course of several texts. The concept of this game is elegantly simple yet it requires a degree of intelligence to succeed at it.

is a competitive game in which each player takes it in turn to name something belonging to a particular genre.You can make it as easy or as hard as you like by varying the level of detail you give to your opponent.Variations include limiting it to a house, with the room you’re in being the correct answer, or asking which shop in town you are in.Failure to guess correctly could mean having to phone up and sing the chorus of the song to your opponent.Abbreviations are everywhere, from company names to phrases shortened for ease of use.

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