Seniors truth or dare chat rooms

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Seniors truth or dare chat rooms

They get to fill in the blank.-Take off another player’s sock with your teeth.Let the player to your right pick who.-Sing the theme song to your favorite childhood cartoon - using the voice of your childhood .-Sing a popular pop song as if it were a church song.-Stand on all fours like a dog and eat something out of another player’s hand.Keep it there at least an hour.-Using just your hand, make out with another person’s hand for one minute.Person to your left decides whose hand is the object of affection.-Let the person to your left pick the person.Whenever the music stops everyone must grab a balloon.Call out a name and that person has to pop the balloon and complete the truth or dare challenge inside.These are perfect if you don't want to spend most of your T or D game trying to thing of good questions and challenges. All you have to do is print them out and get ready for some hilarious blackmail worthy fun.

This game is played like the classic hot potato game.

Get in character and tell everyone how your awesome powers work.-You just can’t go on like this.

Turn to the person to your left and break up with them.-The person to your left gets to draw a “tattoo” on your forearm that says I heart ____________.

Player to your right chooses who.-Put your finger in your ear then pull it out and lick it.-Push your nose up and oink like a pig.

Sniff all over the person to your left.-Pretend you’re a fashion critique at the academy awards and critique everyone’s outfit.-Pretend to read a page out of the diary of the person to your right. Tween / Teen Truth or Dare Questions ~ DARES -Peel a banana using your feet-Name a famous person who looks like each player in the room.-Use lipstick and write the word “funky monkey” across your face.

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For those of you who don’t know the tradional teen truth or dare game already, I will use Jack and Jill for the example players. Jill completes her truth or dare and then she gets to choose the next person to ask: truth or dare?

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