Punjab sex online

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Punjab sex online

A Bill that single out a particular sex, is a sexist bill, no matter how novel and benevolent the intentions.Why not a bill that protects both sexes from " .....the guy was so intense he immediately pulled down lexi loves sexy g string underwear.

There is lots of violence in India too against underprivilegd non-earning women.Another sad thing is often women are victim by other women.A step in the right direction, this is in fact a sign of progress for both women and the country as a whole. Women will abuse this power to the extent that it will infect on our tradition family life.I bet a lot of people who made this law would be behind bars if the law was implemented. In Pakistan law exists in the books on almost every subject.Never too late to change mind set most selfish men carry against women. But the problem is the lack of awareness among the people and the proper implementation of the law.

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Provincial government has passed this legislation, federal government should not waist time to pass women's right bill a National law. Next step should be to bring a change in the thinking of men as regards women. Moreover, the legal procedure is lengthy, cumbersome and expensive.