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Soon, I was fully inside her and began to fuck her hard.

Aunty lied next to Bhabhi and began to suck and press her boobs simultaneously. Aunty also said-Yes Arun,fill her with your baby making juice and make her your woman and mother of your child.

She widened her legs and I began to press my cock into her pussy.

She was very tight and screamed hard as my big cock went inch by inch into her pussy.

Rani Aunty was also beautiful but since I was much interested in mature women, I didn’t pay more attention to her. I said-Bhabhi, Bhaiya is not here and will come after around 5 months,do you remember bhaiya a lot na. She immediately placed her hand on my cock from the backside and began to rub it. She said-First tell me ,are you ready to give this to me or not?

Kamala Aunty’s husband introduced her to our family and I was thrilled to greet Kamala Aunty. Kamala Aunty grew very close to my mother and used to come home to chat with her. She said-Yeah,when you will get married and your wife immediately goes to her native place and remains there,you will also exactly the same pain I am feeling now. I thought I should better stop and take care of this situation first.

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She then fondled the balls and said-Hope you have enough juice in these balls to fill us. Kamala Aunty started sucking my cock and I began to lick Rani Bhabhi’s pussy. Kamala Aunty sucked my cock hard and started to press my balls while I licked the clit of Bhabhi and finger fucked her pussy.

After 5mins of sucking, I poured my load into Aunty’s mouth and Bhabhi also came in my mouth twice. Soon Aunty came in my mouth anc my cock was hard too.

I was already very excited from her rubbing and it didn’t take long to pour my load into her mouth which she swallowed with ease. Kamala Aunty thought for while and then said-If Rani had no objection in this.

I looked at Rani Bhabhi and she said-Sure thing mother-in-law. Kamala Aunty removed her dress and showed me her mature body.

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She was so milky white and her big hanging boobs with brown nipples and also black hairy patch between her thighs added to her beauty more.

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