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You couldn’t work out if they became life-long clients or if they bounced off the site in seconds.Curious web developers built all sorts of hacks to try and answer this.We were able to test things like changing the layout of a website and get almost immediate feedback on what the change did to both the total number of enquiries and the cost per enquiry.We were able to work out which search phrases brought tyre kickers to the site and which were likely to end up in an enquiry.The oldest known advert was printed in China sometime between 9.The ad featured a rabbit logo with the words “Jinan Liu’s Fine Needle Shop.

But when a duck call is blown correctly at the right times, it can make the difference between success and failure.

In duck calling, as in so many endeavors, knowing what not to do can be as important as knowing what to do.

On the following pages, Ducks Unlimited interviewed four of North America's best duck callers-Fred Zink, Rod Haydel, Christian Curtis, and Jim Ronquest-to find out the most common calling mistakes made by duck hunters and, more importantly, how to correct them.

They can tell you how many people watched the show your ads appeared in but they can’t tell you if the viewer saw your ad and decided to buy or if they went for a pee during the break.

Google changed all this when they introduced Ad Words back in 2000.

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