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Messenger typing sex free phone sex in topeka kansas

In Kansas and federal laws, the statutes in part define the offense as the use of “force, fraud or coercion” to subject the victim to sex trafficking.

If the victim is younger than 18, force, fraud or coercion doesn’t have to be shown to convict the defendant, prosecutors said.

Instead, statutes go after the traffickers and sex customers.

Taylor said sex trafficking is different than the older, traditional pimp-prostitute arrangement, where a girl worked a street corner with a pimp managing her business and who forced her into that environment.

Now, prosecutors are bringing the full force of the law down on the pimps and johns, Taylor said.

“It’s the 10 to 15 percent of American men who buy sex who are driving this.The first statute was enacted in 2000 when the federal government passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, said Jennifer Rapp, public information officer for Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.Five years later, Kansas enacted its own statute making it a crime to engage in sex or labor trafficking.If someone sells a child for sex to a customer, the man or woman convicted of sex trafficking in a Kansas court will face a prison sentence the same as a conviction for second-degree murder, according to Kansas statutes.“The Legislature has clearly identified the threat that sex trafficking presents,” Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor said.This is the punishment for the “egregious” behavior that legislators have determined people engaged in human trafficking should receive, he said.

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In Kansas, sex trafficking is a part of the human trafficking statute, which includes forced labor.

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