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Karachi cuckold forum

She tried to get free but I took hold of her and pumped about 10 pushes one after other and now she was in normal position.When I lift my mouth from her mouth She said "U killed me by ur pushes now please fuck me it was my first time ur grandfather had not ever fucked me".I placed my hand on her big silky boob and touched her face, she was fast asleep.I placed my leg on her body, at that time I am afraid too, I kissed her neck very slowly then I started moving with cloths on.Stories Character are Changed My Name is Hameed (not real name). And her nipples and Vagina are red in color watched her daily from a small window in bathroom. I saw her many times watching boys with lusty eyes.

I inserted my one finger in her asshole and my mouth was in her pussy. I was so afraid I said her not to shout she said Ok then She came in my mouth, I was so aroused I cant believe that how I dranked all her love juice. My cock again became hard bcoz of her sexy loud voices.

We usually fuck after a week or so when I went to sleep at my granpa house.

In my second story I ll tell u all that how I fucked my 2aunties(2Khala's). This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

She is very frank with me from first day but not talked to me on topics of sex but always watched me with lusty eyes.

From first day of her marriage with my grandpa I became mad for her.

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She gave out a small moan as my cock touched her pussy lips.