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Interviewed ignominiously with CNN it was Heslin who revealed himself as a categorical fraud.

His supposed son, Jesse, “was his buddy,” who told him just before he was going to die that “this was going to be the best Christmas ever.” When Piers Morgan attempted to lionize Jessie Lewis a hero, Heslin became exceedingly nervous making all manner of faces.

He made the rounds all over the region putting on a fake show of grief.

One of his falsifications became iconic, rending emotional reactions throughout the world.

Probably not a Soto, which is a Jewish name of Shephardic descent, the name is usually taken by families of Spanish Jews.

A proven phony, she has given a variety of fake interviews. Please any such findings post in comments or send via email contact. The real question is do they have such a son, named Wheeler , and, if so, where is he?

The problem is she doesn’t have a daughter by that name.Let us see what she has offered, which is only a single photo of the two together: Moreover, this is the only photo offered of the father together with Gracie.It, too, is fake, glaringly so: The girl has clearly been ‘shopped’ into the picture. With all those adventures is this the best that Ms. Thus, she and her husband are fake parents and the child is also fake.In her interview she wishes the world to know that she has an extensive album of pictures of this girl, which she will “take memory in.” That wasn’t enough. She asked Anderson Cooper to broadcast after the interview, as follows: “When Anderson visited our house, I showed him one of our pictures from Martha’s Vineyard.I’ve always said that I took my photographs to be my children’s eyes.

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As giddy as they act they must have been paid a pretty penny to perpetrate all their scams.