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The gate swings open onto a bucolic strip of land where cicadas drone rhythmically in towering oaks and tree branches cast dappled, green-tinged light on tidy clusters of mobile homes.Even in the sizzling July heat it's a soothing, pastoral tableau, a scene straight out of a Horton Foote movie. A decidedly rotund gent strolls along an unpaved road toward the bathhouse, a nonchalantly tossed towel obscuring only part of his substantial backside.It is a market estimated by Forbes magazine to be a 0 million-a-year gold mine.According to the Florida-based American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), the largest and oldest nudist organization in the nation, 19 new nudist resorts have sprouted in 13 states since February 1995, six of them in Texas, bringing the number of AANR-authorized clubs to more than 200.About 30 percent of her clients are going nude for the first time, she says.During the second week of July, the AANR held National Nude Recreation Week, an annual effort to raise public awareness about nudism, or ""naturism," as it's sometimes referred to.In recent years AANR ranks have swelled to almost 50,000 members, double that of just a decade ago.Not all clubs and camps belong to the organization, so AANR membership could be just the tip of the iceberg.

The rules are simple: Always keep a towel at hand for hygiene purposes (it's considered bad form to sit bare-buttocked on a beach chair).

(NHI), a nudist camp about an hour's ride from Houston and right on top of a purported groundswell of interest in nudism in America.

It's an interest growing not among the usual suspects - hippies, pagans, New Agers, swingers, and, of course, Californians - but among ordinary, mow-the-lawn-on-Sunday Americans, say those who cater to the nude and ""clothing-optional" recreation market.

All this eroticization in the marketplace has led, strangely, to a sort of ""de-eroticization" of the human body, says Simon, resulting in loosened taboos.

One other undeniable factor behind a rise in new apostles is a nudism subculture flourishing on the Internet, which allows the curious to investigate nudism at a safe, anonymous distance.

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By the pool, a nude, middle-age woman reclines on a lounge chair, engrossed in a recent issue of Family Circle magazine.

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  1. Eventually I pulled open the curtain to see what was taking so long and I saw it was not the usual driver but the head of operations. He insisted it wasn't a big deal, only a few rocks blocking the entrance, but his face told a different story and I feared right away that it was more serious than he was letting on.