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Many other Hausas subscribe to the view that they had a common Arab ancestor whose descendants founded the Hausa city-states.According to this, the King of Baghdad's son, Bayajidda or Abuyazidu, quarrelled with his father, left Baghdad and ended up in the state of Daura (directly north of Kano in present day northern Nigeria).Throughout West Africa, there is a strong connection between Hausa and Islam.The influence of Hausa language on the languages of many non-Hausa Islamic people in West African is readily apparent.With his knife he proceeded to Daura where he freed the people from the oppressive nature of a sacred snake who guarded their well and prevented them from getting water six days out of the week.

This story tells of Bawo having a further seven sons by his concubine.Hausa is an Afroasiatic language related to Arabic, Hebrew, Berber, Amharic, and Somali amongst others.An estimated 30 million people speak Hausa as their first language (more than any other sub-Saharan African language and more than many European languages).It is the most important and widespread West African language and is expanding as a lingua franca.Hausa is broadcast on the BBC World Service, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, and Radio Peking. Aside from the inherent interest of Hausa language and its literature, the study of Hausa provides perhaps the most informative entree into the world of Islamic West Africa.

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The Hausa population is over 30,000,000; their primary religion is Islam and considered to be the 4th largest Muslim bloc in the world with about 36,000 known Christians and a sizable number also follow African Traditional Religion.

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