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You sure there's NOBODY you'd want to or need to notify if something went wrong? Maybe think about hiring a nurse or even medical student to stay with you at night or check in on you during the day. I have friends whom I love but know that I like my "me" time.Someone who could drive you to and from your doctor or the hospital for follow-ups and be on call in case something should happen. You don't need added stress about being alone while you're dealing with surgery and recovery. I have in the past and continue to bring them into my world because I don't want to find myself in the same situation, which I did 10 years ago.Some people aren't in a work situation (or aren't comfortable in such a situation), where making friends from the workplace is natural. To OP: most hospitals have a social worker on staff.I know the term "social worker" may conjure up negative images for some, but some very close friends of mine from grad school are licensed social workers and, when they work at hospitals, it is precisely to help clients/patients figure out how to set up support systems, even if those systems are professional workers rather than friends and family.The whole process of medical treatment is so dehumanizing. I think a big part of it is that the people involved have to find a way to remain detached. It's like nobody told you the dangers of the internet.As a patient, it can make you feel less than human. Just post your doctor's last name,location, hospital and time of surgery and I'm sure one of us will be there when you come into recovery or meet you in your room. I know if this guy or gal is in LA, I will arrange to be there myself. I bet you say your credit card number on cell phones in public too, when asked?I sincerely hope this ends up being much ado about nothing, but, if not, you are not alone. I had a co-worker give me the ride to/from the hospital (it was out-patient, but I wasn't allowed to drive). I made sure my house was fully set up with everything I'd need for a week during my recovery (which was actually only a few days, but better safe than sorry). I could see not wanting to give a specific location if it's a smaller town, but the general area would be good to know. I'm not too far removed from your situation so I completely understand your anguish.Surely there is some coworker that might be willing to be there when you wake up? The kind of surgery your having is serious so I wouldn't only be worried about transportation.

No one should be facing what you are going through all alone.

A brain bleed that would be like a stroke is the risk if I don't have it.

Besides being scared I think of waking into the hospital at dawn alone.

Knowing there is no one outside waiting to find out if I lived or died and then waking up alone, knowing there won't be a visitor or a phone call, nothing makes me so much more scared.

I know I'm feeling sorry for myself and acting like a big baby. But having surgery alone somehow just hit me how truly alone in the world I am.

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They want repeat business and good word of mouth from their surviving patients. Most people don't CHOOSE to be alone--it just happens over the years, particularly if you are not wired to be extraverted.

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