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In any case, it's not humans alone that are "special"; it's life itself that's special because it occurs so rarely in the universe.

I think Hank meant that regardless of the ancestry of the brownies, it didn't impact the fact that your mother was real. Regardless of whether we have a common ancestor or not, it doesn't affect whether you believe God created the universe.

We don't actually know whether life is special or whether it is something that is inevitable given a certain set of initial conditions.

That is definitely speculation since we have barely explored any of the universe, and know virtually nothing about the conditions that may exist on millions of other worlds.

originated from the same organism, or a universal common ancestor. If your mother makes you a birthday cake one day and brownies the next, those two delicious foods have common ancestors in flour and water, etc.

- they are modified and different from each other but have common descent.

Since at this moment science does not have all the answers to DNA, they insinuate that evolution is wrong and the answer should be some place else.By acknowledging that there is a common ancestor then it precludes a special act of creation for humans and that invariably becomes the sticking point.It has little to do with whether there is a God, but rather whether humans are "special".I was just supporting Rob Miller's post about how science has not been able to answer questions about the origin of life so far.What I meant by common ancestor was the theory that all animals, including humans, birds, fish, etc. However, people who need to have a religious basis for all things tend to go off the rails on that fact and there's no reason.

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