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It was washed away quickly but he could still see that it had been one of his biggest orgasms to date and that he had shot more cum than he had ever shot before. A few hours had passed and Jackson was feeling extremely horny.

He was right in the middle of a chemistry lecture when he decided that he couldn't take it anymore and that if he did not jack off immediately that he would explode.

He asked the teacher if he could be excused to go to the bathroom.

As he got closer to the bathroom he noticed that his other friend Tom was also heading into the bathrooms.

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Soon he felt his entire body tensing and he was cumming all across the floor of the shower.The two boys had been friends since elementary school and they had been close ever since.Jackson had a lot of guy friends but never before did he think of doing anything sexual with any of them until now.He just couldn't get the hot blonde boy's picture out of his head. He began thinking of Owen again, so he began to jack off.His dick was long and hard and he was jerking so fast that his whole body was moving.

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Jackson looked at Tom with a confused look but didn't protest, so Tom continued.

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