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She allows her children to use it and controls everything they do on IMVU.They have their friends from school on it in a room that their mother picked out for them to use to hang out in.Consumers without computers can contact the receiver by calling (818) 768-8869. The Receiver expects a great volume of calls in the first weeks after the judgement, and urges callers who are met with a busy signal to be patient and to try calling again at a different time.Consumers will hear a recorded message which will instruct them to contact the receiver at the P. The FTC has identified in excess of million in defendant's assets.Just like you teach your children about safety's outside of IMVU and the internet.You teach them about the dangers over the internet, as well.Indeed thousands of those billed for visiting the Web sites did not own computers.At trial, the agency told the court that the defendants bought access to lists from a California bank that provided the account numbers for more than 3 million valid Visa and Master Card credit cards.

Teresa Callei Taves would be required to obtain a surety bond in the amount of 0,000 before engaging in future business where consumers' cards would be billed. Two other defendants in this case, Gary Mittman and Adult Banc, Inc., settled FTC charges in June 1999.

The Federal Trade Commission has won a .5 million verdict against a California-based adult Web site operation the FTC charged with operating an illegal billing scam.

The agency alleged the defendants repeatedly placed charges on consumers' credit and debit cards for X-rated Internet visits they had not made and services they didn't order.

The court agreed, saying, "The Court finds that the FTC has proven by a preponderance of the evidence that 90.8 % of the total 'sales' amount the defendants caused to be deposited into their merchant accounts was unauthorized." The FTC showed that the defendants used at least five different merchant accounts and four fictitious business names to process over million in credit and debit card transactions.

The timing of each new merchant account application coincided with the impending threat of being placed on VISA USA's "active monitoring" list for excessive "chargebacks" -- amounts debited to cards but disputed by the consumers who were charged.

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It is not clear that the total of $37.5 million ordered by the Judge will be available for consumer redress.

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