Adult akype chat

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Adult akype chat

Not only did we laugh when we read her humorous story, but we were again entertained and inspired by her games, which were designed to get our creative juices flowing.

The opportunity to meet with an authentic author is truly inspiring for our young writers, and Martha was a blessing to our school.

We 100%recommend contacting Bruce for a Skype or school visit and hope to be able to do so again ourselves in the future! Before questions, the students all greeted me: Good Morning, Miss Marsha. You gave me the idea of choosing the name for my character in my stories. Teacher Reviews"My 3rd Grade students were focused throughout this high-interest lesson.

Marsha Diane Arnold- January 2015I look so delighted here. I told my mom to search on the computer and internet for the character name. They LOVE the book and it made for some very interesting pre-teaching. Burke was gracious enough to address my 30 freshmen students in U. History and it was a GREAT experience from start to finish!

You can click here to read my first School Library Journal technology feature on Skype author visits, called “Met Any Good Authors Lately?

Classroom Visits Can Happen Via Skype” and this follow-up SLJ feature, “An Author in Every Classroom: Kids Connecting with Authors via Skype.

Carrie Stepeck, Librarian, Bungay School, Seymour, Connecticut May 2013studentwas actively engaged in her Q & A session and her fun writing activities that sparked the students’ imaginations.

This was her second year of visiting our school and each time the by I Want This"studentslove to hear from her.

Just for 45 minutes to 1 hour, which can include a slideshow, reading a story with your students, showing them around my office, answering questions, and more!The discussion continued long after the lesson was complete and I am positive it has continued at home too. They were amazed at the relevancy of symbolism in currency and how it impacts their world." - WISCONSIN -"Thirty minutes went by so quickly, it was a mix of him, pictures, and video. I loved the "Screen Sharing", which enabled him to show us various video clips and snippets from his book ' Quarterama', all the while narrating over them." - NEW YORKWe had the pleasure of Skyping with Martha Rodriguez, and found her to be a dynamic and special person.I had parents who said they wished they could have sat in on the lesson as well." -CALIFORNIA -"We just had parent/teacher conferences and several parents mentioned how much their child talked about what they had learned. I would highly recommend this lesson, it was fabulous! She is flexible and accommodating, aligning her schedule to match the needs of our school.It’s the next best thing to being there.” There’s also an ever-growing list of authors who offer both free and paid Skype visits at the Skype An Author Network. (Some authors offer only a limited number of free Skype visits, and some who start out offering free visits begin to charge later on.I don’t always get those updates right away.) And authors…if you’re on this list but no longer offer free Skype visits, please let me know!

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The children had recently performed a Mother’s Day play of their favorite “Marsha” book, Roar of a Snore.

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