50 shades of grey dating site who is lenny kravitz daughter dating

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She believes in making her own way and doesn't care about his money.

I am going to refer to Thomas Kinkade, many artists consider him a second rate artist with average talent. Some of my coworkers started reading the series this summer....

He had everything except he didn't know how to respect people, most notably in this book, women. There is nothing complex about them, and it boggles my mind why any woman would want a Christian Grey in their life (aside from the money of course).

Lmao I love how every person who bad mouths this book I am pretty sute isnt a new york times best selling author. People read far too much into things and expect perfection just like dating.

Everyone who paid money for this book and disliked it have a very valid reason to be upset at the poor quality. Im sorry it wasnt the best thing ever but it was a sex book for women wtf do you want it to be lol SCREW THE BOOK ! I had to do this just so that I could send a lengthy enough email.

I'd rather paddle my partners arse until its enough. We live in a time when the powers that be are trying to reverse and confuse the roles of the sexes, which is unnatural.

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