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That said, according to the source, the pair gets along great as long as Hailey Baldwin isn’t trying to tie him down.

“He’s been pulling away for the past week after being inseparable.

His mom tried and she and Justin ended up having a falling out. Now the same thing is happening with [Hailey Baldwin] and it’s backfiring on her.” Currently, Bieber is preparing to go on tour, so a relationship isn’t really something he has time for — unless, of course, it was with the right girl.

Sadly for Hailey Baldwin, she simply isn’t the right one.

“Justin has never liked when people tell him what he can and can’t do.

Every time someone in his life has tried to restrain him or given him a hard time about his behavior he has ended up rebelling.


The source went on to reveal that Bieber and Hailey were nothing more than friends after their romantic getaway weeks ago, explaining, “Right now Justin and [Hailey Baldwin] are just really good friends.This new numbers based analytical approach that we are offering at Dating Website is for those of you who do not like to read dating site reviews and do not care so much what others are saying.If you think reviews are of value and want to read and share dating site reviews then simply look up to the main tabs.Tonight’s National League Wild Card game saw an aggressive push by a new online dating site, Curves Connect.Below, is video of the ad that aired in the first, as well as the third inning for those with Direc TV.

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