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J., Rathangan, wrote: “with all modern conveniences it’s a shame to hear Irish Catholic mothers talk of family planning”; Mrs A.

The magazine commented happily in 1964 that it could not publish even a fiftieth of the letters it got; it is surprising, therefore, that some correspondents’ names featured several times over the years. What can loosely be called women’s status, made up 18 per cent (332) of letters in these years.

Children, young people, education/ training accounted for 14 per cent (244).

An array of journalists including Monica Mc Enroy, Mary Leland and Maeve Binchy produced long articles on women in prison, women’s legal rights, prostitution, bedsitter life, children in institutions, the educational reforms, birth control, nuns, prison reform, adoption, and many other topics.

A four- page article by Maire Comerford on the women of 1916 marked the Rising’s fiftieth anniversary.

They could decide to publish a balance of letters on a particular topic, or to save a number of letters on the same topic and publish them all together.

Not all letter-writers to Woman’s Way, as we shall see, subscribed to the buoyant optimism of the decade, or agreed that there were “no good days but the present ones”.

Although Woman’s Way, which began in April 1963, was not the first Irish women’s magazine, it was the first to have a readers’ letters (as opposed to a problem) page, and maybe that was why it was greeted with rapture by its early readers.

It would be impossible to do justice to all these categories, so this article confines itself to the women’s status, and the miscellaneous categories.

Letters on young people, with their discussion of the introduction of free secondary education and the ongoing seesaw between denigration and defence of modern youth, deserve an article on their own.

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